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As far as songwriting credibility goes, iRome has an outstanding resume of making commercial catchy hooks. As an electronic/pop artist, he goes a long way & can most of the time work with any type of genre.  He explains, "being a striving artist in Houston, it made him master his own craft, & help other known artists."  After a year of songwriting, and working with top notch producers in Miami,  I became tired of writing hits for others," says the 21 year old Houstonian, "I wanted to apply my talent to myself & grow.  You have to be very careful in the industry, with favors, & it doesn't matter how far deep you're in it, when credit is due, executives & managers disappear, that's the blunt truth, anyone else would tell you the same."  He says he learned to be aggressive from close industry friend Roscoe Dash, who helped him a lot morally when he began writing & singing.  iRome stepped up to pursue his own music career as an electronic/pop artist in Miami, Florida where he [worked] under hit maker Flo Rida, with IMG StrongArm. 


Being an achiever and a go-getter; iRome was cast and landed a role in the movie Fast and Furious 7 released in 2015 and will be making an appearance in Sisterhood of Hip Hop on the Oxygen Network.  He just finished filming for a second movie and is preparing to release his EP which will showcase his ability to perform any genre!


Management: H-M Management



Forever 21 - iRome
Mama Mia - iRome
Rainbow Sippin' - iRome
Broke, iRome, H-M Management, Bungalo Universal Music Group
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