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Indie Films:

Trap Plane!  The Series!  Coming Soon!


Trap Plane follows two CIA agents tasked with protecting a notorious drug lord who is raising money for a covert undeclared war by flying around on a luxury plane selling drugs. The CIA decides to "call in" the mission and build a case against the drug lord, ending the assignment. The agents realize they will have to testify and their cover will be blown, bring an end to the luxury and power they have become accustom to. The agents decide to go rouge to prolong the assignment. Season One follows the drama, action, and deception and sets the stage for an even more explosive Season Two!

Trap Plane Juan Vasquez H-M Management, Indie, Web Series, Film

Trap Plane

Written/Directed by Juan C. Vasquez

Stars:  Danny Trevino, Pablo Nunez, Juan C. Vasquez, Vanessa Vasquez, Christopher "Tex" Verastigui, and more!


Pizza Joint!  Coming Soon!

Anthony (Anthony Guajardo) and Thomas (Timothy DeLaGhetto) run a small struggling pizza joint that has a deal with the most notorious pot dealer in town, Playa Playa (Noel G.). Using Playa's best product, "Jamaican Goddess," Anthony and Thomas develop a “specialty sauce“ that make the pizzas a huge hit!  When pay day arrives, they discover that the $20k owed to Playa Playa has been stolen.  He gives them till midnight to pay up... or they’re cooked.  Anthony, Thomas, and the band of misfit employees must raise the money before the sauce really hits the fan! Follow @PizzaJointMovie

H-M Management, Pizza Joint
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